Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mameshiba: We Could Be Heroes!

Did you know? ...

Mameshiba: We Could be Heroes! is a fun, colorful graphic novel that includes three short stories about the mameshibas, or bean dogs.There are also single-page comics about a Mameshiba named Tiger Bean.

The graphic novel is actually based on a Japanese merchandise franchise, which led to television shorts, short comics, and these graphic novels. The mameshibas spout random facts when encountered, always beginning by saying, "Did you know?"

The stories included are Chili Bean in Love, Sweet Tiger Bean, A Whole Lot of Cocoa, Science! With Tiger Bean, Once Upon a Time..., and Good Night, Tiger Bean. The Tiger Bean stories are all single page stories about a little bean named Tiger Bean who isn't very bright (but rather cute).

In Chili Bean in Love, Chili Bean must win a sports competition to win his love's heart, but who is he in love with anyway?

A Whole Lot of Cocoa is about a magic show that doesn't go so well. This story introduces the ultra-cool Mameshibot and some of my favorite moments in this graphic novel.

Once Upon a Time... shares a story about scary monsters and how the mameshibas save the day in a fantasy land.

If you like randomness, cute characters, and are looking for something new, check out Mameshiba: We Could Be Heroes! 

The Mameshiba stories are great for any audience. Boys and girls will both enjoy this graphic novel, and although it would be recommended for elementary-age children, middle school students would enjoy the stories as well.

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