Friday, April 5, 2013

A Match Made in Heaven by Trina Robbins

My Boyfriend is a Monster #8: A Match Made in Heaven by Trina Robbins

Wings of love
Love is in the air
Fly me to the moon
Under his wing
Up, up and away
Feather kisses
Winging it
I touched an angel 
I picked up this particular volume because Yuko Ota, illustrator of one of my favorite webcomics, Johnny Wander, is one of the illustrators!  Xian Nu Studio is the primary illustrator. I had heard of the series, but I'm not that interested in paranormal romance stories so I didn't check it out sooner. I wish I had! From what I can tell, each volume is a standalone story, so it's okay to read them out of order. 

This particular story features an aspiring graphic novelist named Morning Glory (Yuko Ota illustrates Morning Glory's graphic novel). She's the daughter of two folk musicians who are responsible for putting together a folk music festival. Her best friend is Julia, who lives in a broken home, and needs her BFF to help her cope. In walks Gabriel, and goodness gracious he is so attractive and charming! He actually is interested in Julia first, but since she's busy at home he ends up spending time with Morning Glory instead, taking her away from her BFF. In walks Luci, Gabriel's cousin, absolutely determined to keep them apart! 

What is up with those cousins? Who are they? Why is Luci so against their relationship? Gabriel wants Morning Glory to push her comic and share it with other novelists and groups, but now she doesn't have time for Julia. For what exactly? A guy who won't even kiss her?
One of the reasons I think so highly of this graphic novel (and hopefully series!) is that it is wonderfully representative of diversity in terms of race, life experiences, and interests of the characters. It's awesome to see in a paranormal romance. Many fiction graphic novel series lack a wide range of diversity amongst their characters, and paranormal romance does not have a significant amount of diversity represented on their covers to make all readers feel compelled to read their stories.

The other reason: I'm a sucker for dramas and graphic novels that easily draw me in.